Dental technology is constantly advancing, and at KL Dental Studio we are dedicated to using technology to improve the patient experience and treatment outcomes. Below are a few of the ways we employ technology to better serve you!


Dr Luse showing the patients mouth image
Dr. Luse with her patient

iTero Digital Scanner

Digital scanning technology has revolutionized dentistry. We are proud to use the iTero scanning system at KL Dental Studio to provide the upmost in care to our patients. The iTero benefits our patients in many ways! 

Digital Impressions – Using the iTero, we take a digital scan of your teeth and gums to create a virtual model, eliminating the need for gooey impressions. This allows you and your doctor to view magnified models of your teeth and to instantly send accurate models or images to the lab.

Invisalign – Using scans from the iTero, we are able to share and discuss your Invisalign treatment with you. Scans of your teeth are sent directly to Invisalign for fabrication of your clear aligners. We use the iTero to monitor how your teeth are moving or changing over time and to plan each step of your Invisalign treatment precisely. There is even an outcome simulator! Visit our Invisalign page to learn more.    

Caries Detect – Using NIRI (Near-Infrared Imaging) technology, the iTero allows us to view and detect caries (cavities) between the teeth sooner and with no exposure to ionizing radiation.


Intraoral Camera

The adage is true, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We use a small camera to take digital photos inside your mouth, allowing you to view your teeth like never before! These digital images often provide a record or baseline, but they also allow us to view cracks, pits, leaking margins, and other tooth conditions that may otherwise go unnoticed to the naked eye.   

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiographs (X-rays) are the standard of care. They provide an instant, well-defined, highly diagnostic image using less radiation exposure than traditional film. At KL Dental Studio, we go a step further by using portable digital x-ray units. This reduces radiation exposure and provides better access for both the patient and our team.  

At KL Dental Studio, we also follow the ALARA principle. This means that we limit the amount of radiation exposure for each patient to an amount “As Low As Reasonably Achievable.” We only take radiographs that are necessary for a complete and accurate evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment. 

We would love to share our exciting technology with you. Please call our office to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online today!